Iran Itinerary

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    The City of Tehran

    As the capital of Iran and usually the first city you get to see, there are a lot of interesting activities you can get involved in as long as you are in Tehran. You can go to the museums, explore grand and local bazaars, observe the modern life aspects, parks, shopping centers, etc.



    The City of Esfahan

    It has been the capital of Iran for centuries. This is a city that every tourist adores for its attractive landscapes, river, gardens, mosques and other monuments, etc. If you take a tour to Iran for a short time and want to visit only a couple of cities, make sure you visit Isfahan.



    The City of Shiraz

     your journey, you should spare some time to visit Shiraz as you will experience a lot of interesting sites, plenty of culture, and highlights of architecture like Persepolis. To make your trip more enjoyable and meaningful, try to visit Shiraz to explore the heart of Persian Empire.


    The City of Yazd

    Explore Yazd, The City of Wind Catchers in Iran

    If you would like to experience a city in the heart of desert and several monuments showing the innovative life under hard conditions, you should go there.



    The CIty of Kerman

    Kerman is the largest province of Iran in which you find high mountains, desert life, nomads, monuments, old traditions, ancient religions, etc. You can expect an interesting variety of sightseeing here.



    The City of Kermanshah

    On the western side of Iran, this is a city where some ancient monuments are found together with interesting remnants of ancient cultural heritage sites in Iran.



    The City of Ahvaz

    If you travel to Ahvaz at proper time, you can stay in Ahvaz to explore lots of interesting monuments outside the city. Remember that Ahvaz is like a hub for the travelers to visit some of the most fascinating sights in the region.



    The City of Hamedan

    This city in western part of Iran and used to be the capital of the Medes. There you find historical monuments, tombs of famous poets and a lively bazaar that can be explored. When you travel to Iran’s west, Hamedan could be one of the cities worth visiting the edge of desert.


    The City of Rayen

    It is a little town at the foot of some high mountains in south east of Kerman. You have to go through deserts and some hills on good road to get there, but it’s definitely worth a try.


    The City of Mahan

    This little town is located close to Kerman and hosts several gardens and a couple of monuments which are more than expectations in such a small place.


    The City of Shush

    This ancient town, Susa, is the place where Elamites used to live before any central government ruled over Iran. Some phenomenal structures are in this town and a lot is not unearthed yet.


    The City of Shushtar

    In such a little town, you can find some of the world heritage sites built in ancient times and you learn about the way smart people managed how to survive building dams, mills, bridges, houses, fortresses, etc.


    The City of Dezful

    This is an ancient city in which you can still find the remnants of Sassanians’ bridges and water mills. Traditional houses have been built in accordance with the hot climate of its summer time.

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