Iran Circuit

Iran – an ancient land filled with bustling bazaars, historic sights, superb architecture, parched deserts and beautiful, snow-capped mountains. With no less than 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, few countries have a history that can compete with Iran, from the ancient gems of Persepolis, and Yazd – declared the second most historic city in the world by UNESCO – to wonderful museums, glorious mosques and mausoleums, and impressive ruins with exquisite stone carvings. Despite Iran’s wealth of antiquities, perhaps Iran’s greatest attraction is the warmth and generosity of it’s people. Making you feel genuinely welcome in their country comes naturally to the Iranians. We visit rural villages, with a more simplistic life, to give you an off-the-beaten path, authentic Iranian experience filled with countless memories. Discovering the culture and traditions of the Iranian people will easily be a trip highlight.

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