Iran By Orient Express

Over 12,000 residents of European countries have applied to Iranian Tour Operators Association to take part in the tourist VIP travel to this country on a luxury train, Iran’s ISNA news agency quoted the association’s president Ibrahim Purfaraj as saying on Oct.31. He said it is necessary to organize additional 80 tours in order to ensure the travel of this number of VIP tourists to Iran on a luxury train. Purfaraj said the majority of tourists who have applied to participate in the VIP travel on a luxury train to Iran are from the UK, Germany and France, adding that residents from the US and Australia are also among the applicants for these trips. The majority of the applicants have already made an advance payment for these trips, according to Purfaraj. “A luxury train will carry out two more trips to Iran by the end of the current year, while it is planned to organize nine VIP tours on the Budapest-Tehran route in 2015,” the association head added. He said that in order to improve the quality of service, currently, the positive and negative feedbacks of tourists about the organized trips are being studied. Purfaraj said that VIP tourists from Europe are satisfied with the visits to various cities of Iran. These travels have increased the interest of European tourists in Iran, he added. Iranian Tour Operators Association has organized VIP travels for European tourists to the country on a luxury train. A train with tourists left Budapest for Iran for the second time on Oct.14. All conditions have been created for the passengers in the compartments of the train’s cars. The price for one ticket for the train reaches $15,000. The train heads from Budapest to Iran through Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

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